What happens to all my clothes?

The SOEX Group are the world's largest textile sorting and recycling group, with processing and distribution outlets all over the world. Over 1,000 tonnes of textiles, clothing and shoes and accessories are multi-level sorted every day to over 400 grades, selecting continually until no re-wearable product remains.
We operate in over 85 countries world-wide, creating sustainable business and employment down to local level, with a direct work force in excess of 3,500 people.
Currently 62% of all collected product is re-wearable, 32% is remanufactured into thousands of different products and 6% is reutilised either as a product in manufacturing or as a promising source of energy.
As the world's largest recycling agent for unwanted clothing, SOEX delivers high-grade used textiles to numerous international markets. Emerging nations place high value on these quality products originating from the UK, because in terms of both design and durability, they are often superior to newly made products from Far East countries.
More importantly, used textiles create regional markets of their own and provide a large number of jobs in the trade and transport business as well as for repairers and alteration tailors..
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Distribution of Clothing collected
UK collections are shipped to our recycling plant in Germany, which covers an area of 80,000 square metres the clothing is then sorted to over 400 grades.
The centralisation of unwanted clothing to our European recycling plant offers significant benefits, in terms of sustainability, expert handling and the ability to deliver the right products to the right markets.
· The right clothing gets to the right markets.
· Higher percentage of clothing worn.
· Higher percentage of clothing re used and recycled.
· Lower carbon footprint derived from locally collated collections, negating the need for heavy goods vehicles in the collection process, which represent greater dangers to the public on site, and on the road.
· Centralised mass handling, with an unprecedented volume base, ensuring greater efficiencies in all aspects of the collection, sorting and distribution processes.
· All resulting in lower landfill and a fully sustainable process.
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For clothing that is not suitable for the re wear markets, our own fully computer controlled recycling unit operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year (with the exception of maintenance).
The unit produces materials for the manufacturing industry to suit exact needs and specifications. Products include woollens, fibres, cottons, acrylics etc.
Pulled fibres can be supplemented by new fibres resulting in mixtures, custom tailored for manufacturing.
Nothing is wasted in the recycling process. Tons of zips, buttons and rivets are extracted and recycled. Even the plastic bags the clothing is collected in are sent for reprocessing.
This is just the beginning, we are working towards closed loop recycling, which will help to reduce the amount of water and oil being consumed in the manufacturing of new products.
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