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Working In Partnership With You

ERC are the clothing and shoe recycling company of choice for many of the UK's Local Authorities, Supermarkets, Waste Companies and clothing retailers.

Our strong customer service and efficient collection systems enable our partners to achieve very high standards for public use.

As part of the SOEX Group, ERC prides itself on being a socially responsible business, which allows our customers the reassurance that working in collaboration with us represents a sustainable, environmentally conscious decision, which benefits everyone at home and all around the world.

Every year we expand and source new customers for our products & services because of our innovative approach to the way we process the garments we receive.

Our partners provide us with the inspiration to meet their specific requirements, with new products and services being developed all the time. ERC is a TRA Member, and a CIWM affiliated organisation. Additionally all companies within the SOEX Group are members of the Bureau of International Recycling, the only global recycling industry association. We work closely with WRAP and other resource groups to identify where improvements can be made to the way we collect and process used and unwanted clothing.

Our goal is to work with our partners to find ways of diverting high grade used clothes and shoes before they enter the
UK waste stream, and to maintain the quality of the goods we collect.

The sheer volumes collected, and therefore greater efficiency, of the SOEX Group around the world, ensures that there
is a higher percentage of clothing that can be re worn or recycled.

This is why we are a trusted partner for those who demand the best returns from their recycling initiatives.

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