On 1st August 2013, A Team of climbers from ERC (European Recycling Company) set off to conquer Mount Snowdon. The ERC climbers carried parts of a shoe bank to the top of the mountain. The idea was to assemble it once they reached the top.

The challenge represented the strength and the success of the partnership between ERC, Variety, Participants of the scheme and of course The Donators.

The Team assembled in the early hours and the fit ones took to the slopes before the sun came up, taking the massively difficult “Ranger Route”.

The climb itself took about 4 hours and the climbers were met at the top about midday by the “not-so-fit-team” who took the train!!

The bank that was carried to the top of Snowdon, was assembled within 15 minutes and what a Great Moment
it was to see it on top of Mount Snowdon. Incredibly it was seen and used by a lady from another climbing party. Yes, we even recycle shoes at the top of Snowdon…..

Our massive congratulations to the team for this huge group effort. With thanks to Mike, Barry, Paul, Matthew, Sean, Roy, John and Osama with his wife Enas and son Peter, who carried parts of a shoe bank up to the top.

The descent after a couple of hours resumed with the bank unassembled and carried down again. Everyone had a great time and if you ever need directions back down a mountain, Roy is your man (or maybe not)!

A Big Thank you to Mike H and all involved.


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